Majestri is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application that comprises a set of web tools to automate manual processes and alleviate the burden on volunteer committee members of Not-For-Profit organisations, mainly sporting clubs. Majestri was built entirely, and is two-thirds owned, by 2Sinix. It is a solution that is becoming increasingly popular in the team sport market.

  • Architecture, Design and Construction of a fully multi-tenanted, cloud-based SaaS application from the ground up that supports in excess of 100,000 unique users.
  • Purpose-built Content Management System (CMS) for an audience of non-technical volunteers from all walks of life.
  • Built-in Payment Processor offering for clubs that processes credit/debit card and BPay transactions on their behalf, with proceeds disbursed via a mostly-automated service once weekly.
  • A comprehensive set of financial tools for volunteer Treasurers to manage debts, reconcile bank accounts and generate reports.
  • Direct integration into the Xero Accounting system from within Majestri.
  • Online shop functionality for the use of clubs to sell merchandise and apparel.
  • A sophisticated communication system that allowed en masse or targeted messaging via email and SMS.
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Queensland Health

2Sinix was targeted specifically by the Queensland Cancer Control and Analysis Team (QCCAT) to construct a patient identity matching and link engine. Cancer data flows into QCCAT from over 30 disparate systems statewide, and QCCAT had a need for a solution that can process extremely high volumes of data in a timely, accurate and robust manner.

  • Architecture, Design and Construction of a high-performing engine that can match and link 30 million raw patient records into a yield of 8.5 million final records within a 12 hour timeframe and gives QCCAT the capability to scale the number of sources that can be accepted to build the data warehouses used for reporting cancer statistical information.
  • Development of a set of visualisation tools to allow QCCAT colleagues to efficiently mine individual patient data.
  • Rebuild of core processes that normalise the format of disparate data from 30+ system sources that feed into QCCAT.
  • Development of a high-performing process to reverse index 400 million pathology records in HL7 format from a variety of laboratories. The resulting warehouse is used to be able to quickly and efficiently attach a patient’s pathology data to their main demographic record.
  • Architecture, Design and Construction of an automated software service that builds and maintains a Central Address Register, targeted for use across all of Queensland Health. The process autonomously manages a huge queue of target addresses and periodically calls out to the Google Geocoding service to derive a set of co-ordinates and associated mesh block, which are subsequently used to roll up into specific concordance boundaries for reporting purposes.
  • Created from scratch a distributed processing service to facilitate the sequencing and parallel processing of appropriate subtasks by unattended software robot agents.

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Technology One Ltd

Australia’s largest software vendor was where the Sinix learnt their stock and trade, a combined period of service reaching 24 years. Technology One has a range of product offerings for Small-to-Medium Enterprises, built around their core Financials offering.

  • Foundational developers on the Student Management currently in use in a large number of Australia’s tertiary institutions.
  • Lead developer of .NET software infrastructure used to underpin all Technology One product offerings of the Ci generation.
  • System architect and lead developer of the Technology One Corporate Performance Management encompassing the following modules: Business Intelligence, ETL, Enterprise Budgeting, Excel Reporting.
  • System architect and lead developer of the Technology One Financials mission-critical, core process responsible for sourcing huge volumes of transactions from across the entire product suite and creating transactions into a client organisation’s ledgers. The software comprised an incredibly complex set of posting rules that was required to create transactions to maintain financial integrity that had to factor in: GST recognition, Multi-currency triangulation, Cash accounting, Multi-Ledger scenarios, Commitments, Asset rules

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Highly-designed web sites

When wordpress just won’t cut it, we’ve been asked to deliver some fancy web sites that stand out above the rest.


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